Hello, been around jet ski's for quite a while and recently acquired a honda f12 jet ski and a 17' speed boat hull meant for an outboard.
seing if anyone thinks if the f12 turbo motor would be enough to power this boat. would like at least 45 mph out of it. not sure if i would want to use the honda pump and or bottom of the hull in the boat but would probably use 4 tec pump or an sho pump.

that is unless the honda pump is ok and wont hold me back. I know the hull sucks thus is the reason for not putting the honda back together.

motor stock is 165 hp wich i planned on upping to a safe level. but seems not much support for the honda's.

if motor isn't enough i have a spare f22c out of a honda s2000 sports car that is 2.2 liters and makes 240 hp, or could throw in a honda 3.2 or 3.5 v6 that makes 225 hp and is same as what honda based their 225 hp outboard from. Do you think a seadoo or yamaha pump would hold this power? trying not to have to find a berkely jet drive. would be nice to use a 4 tec pump or a yami 155 pump. one thing though is either engine would make a lot more tq than a true jet ski motor should be able to run a prety steep prop on it. just know im going to need some good power for a jet drive in a 17' hull.