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We can not believe it has already been a month since our Jettribe USA Team has arrived back from China - a trip of a lifetime. Jettribe was totally stoked to have the following Team Riders represent the United States Of America: Rick Sherker, Corey Heiman, Eric Lagopoulis, Kevin Rheeder, and Allan Dolecki! Plus, our guest freestyle riders Jeremy Parr and Johnny Leftly for some reason showed up wearing the "wrong gear" but we forgave them. And we were able to have Tony Vo, Dawn Dawson, Christy Parr, Kevin and David Pulley as support staff for the team.

As a team we are honored to have the opportunity to be the first and only USA team to race Personal Watercraft in China. One of our proudest moments was actually quite modest. It was when saw the team work together well, like a fine-tuned machine. All of our team riders came from all different parts of the United States, and to watch them work together, pulling props out, swapping heads etc. , and borrowing tools from other teams despite the language barriers, and somehow they got it all done.
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One thing that we did not plan for was when Team Rider Rick Sherker came off his ski during a race on Saturday and got a nice deep cut on his knee. Tony Vo and Rick spent most of the day in a local Chinese hospital to get Sherker stitched up. When Rick finally got back to the race site, showing the finest example of team work, Jeremy and his wife had already pulled Rick’s ski out of the water, hosed it down, wiped it dry, and all of Rick’s riding gear was packed up. Times like these we are totally proud to have these guys as friends and team riders.
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These guys are true professionals - racers and perfect ambassadors for our Watercraft Racing sport and of the USA. They were patient, and cool to fans and other riders. When racing overseas, sometimes things are not smooth, but our guys were calm and they rolled with it. Plus, our team riders understood the important of the "meet and greet" for the sponsor. Additionally, we were fortunate enough to be able sit with government officials, and consulate generals and share with them our love for the Watercraft sport.
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When we stepped on to the race site we did know what to expect from the local competition, but we were pleasantly surprised. Our team rider Eric said, "it’s no joke out there. These guys are fast!". We actually had to worry about qualifying.

Many thanks to our Chinese host and sponsors for allowing our Jettribe Team Riders to compete at such an awesome event, and we definitely look forward to the 2014 race season.