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    can the crank snout on a 1200 npv crank be replaced?

    Is there a DIY way to remove and replace a busted crank snout or is this a job only for the likes of crankworks?

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    The lobes of the crank are pressed together. In essence, your front lobe must be pull and then replaced if your snout is busted. The crank also has to be indexed. There are not many places that can do this accurately, much less have the equipment or technical expertise.

    Best to go to the pros like crankworks on this one..... and if you are going to send it off, the off season is the best time.

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    Soooo what you are trying to say is that it is an easy DIY Salty? LoL! Thanks man. I gues I'll keep my eye on Craigslist for a good busted low hour NPV. I need a case and core for either so $$$. Maybe I'll get lucky on a 98 XL1200 coming around

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    P.S. Thank you shout out to WFO for offering up a cheap snout donor to send off to crankworks! Haven't taken up on the project yet.

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    WFO is very helpful, and sems to have a endless supply of theses old yamaha parts.

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