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    Help with unsticking sized piston ring on 1200 npv

    I recently bought a sk8 that came with a free extra motor. The crank snout was busted and the middle piston must have had a bit of wster or moisture on top because therd was a ring of rust in the cylinder and the top piston ring is siezed in position. My assumption is that between the carbon buildup and rust...the ring is being held tightly in place with corrosion.

    I have tried a 24 hour soak in pB Blaster followed by a 72 hr soak in Coke along with some intermittent blasts with torch heat. The piston is in excellent shape so I would like to salvage it if its possible? Any ideas? Thanks for the loaner piston Greg!

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    Plan A - Replace the piston and ring

    Plan B - Put the piston into boiling water for a few minutes. The piston should expand more/faster than the ring to hopfully let the ring go.

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    Take a tiny flat screwdriver (like for eyeglasses) and tap it into the ring end gap. Now angle it over and tap in and under the ring, it will start coming out and probably break. Repeat until it's all out then scrape out the groove with same tiny screwdriver. Last fold over some 220 grit and work it along the groove to finish cleaning it out.

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    I'll give both of these ideas a try at the same time. Sounds like a good combination possibly. Thank you very much

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