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    oh for crap sake 66e legends please tell there's an easy way

    lucky im drunk cos im pissed at my self lol
    was on the home stretch of finishing off the wb800 last thing was to swap the pv cables over well looks like i've put the bloody pull upside down (some one please confirm) the holes for the cable on the round black disc are meant to be down not up?
    is there any tricks to getting the pv cover off with the manifold still on cos i really don't want to pull the manifold back off i'll cry.
    i know im fudged as you can see by the pic the top bolt wont come out enough to swing the cover out of the way just wanted to confirm im rooted before i go pulling the manifold.
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    Quit drinking while assembling machinery

    Sorry for your oops.

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    Drinky not good while working on or riding pwc..

    Fubar happen often when you Dooo...

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    mmm makes the pain bearable tho.
    so ne1 know if if there's a trick cos im really not keen on getting the manifold off again.
    i'll have a go at trying to get the waveeater clip and screw out i can see it lol but if i drop the screw im fudged again.

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    had a 66e for years and this is the only thing i hated about it.......Unfortunately it has to come off. No other way. Also if you didnt know the other hole on the disk is so you can put a thin screwdriver or awl and it aligns up with a whole on the cylinder then you tighten the cables up with it pinned and aligned.

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    can i drink while i disassemble lol
    what a pain it the arse, cheers guys.

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    No disassemble. No disassemble number five!

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    wasn't that bad after all (was just the thought of it) not a bad ski to work on, just need to pop the exhaust back on cheers guys

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