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    2012 Rxpx 260rs tuning question

    Hey Jerry , vtech , and other rxpx260 riders. I race in stock class a 2012 Rxpx. my mates have had a reflash and now I need one to keep up. I've been reading up on the vtech tune all day. I'm keen to purchase the controller so I can tune in future, even tho my dealer has one. I'll be looking for the 8375 tune I'd say. We can run 98octane from bp here in New Zealand. As I said ski is stock as that's our class rules, you can only reflash. And other things like rideplate , intake grate , sponsons and prop. On the prop what pitch should I use, or will the stock one work ok? Most of riding is fresh water , our nationals are in the sea this year. Hope I can get some feedback from all you awesome Americans. Btw we loved it when we came over for the world finals in Havasu this year, will be back for sure
    thanks simon

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    I think once you tune it to higher rpms you'll need to pitch your stock impeller.
    If that's not enough then look for another impeller.

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    Get a Flash and see how it goes.
    I gained only 150 rpm with the flash, but ski was pulling harder and no more 8100 limiter kicking.

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