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    Ex hire ski, rev limiter??

    Hi guys,
    I brought a 1999 GP800 as a project, have done a full rebuild on engine .75 oversize.
    For some reason it wont rev over 4800rpm even on the trailer, i have been told it was a hire ski so im wondering if it would have a speed/Rev limiter?
    it jumps outa the hole and gets 38mph @ 4800rpm i cant fault it apart from the low revs. I am running 40:1 premix and no oil injection, new plugs, spark seems fine, plugs are a little black but that should of been the assembly oil burning off. powervalve servo is dead but i have disconnected it and have opened pvs manually but nothing happens
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    sounds like a power valve problem

    if you opened them manually, then you should have no bottom end

    may be an internal linkage problem (pin(s) vibrated out) or the valve(s) may have broken at the guillotine

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    thanks but i can confirm that the PVs are working manually as we pulled the exhaust and carbs again to re check and while i was there i took the pv caps off to check them. im sure there is some kind of restriction somewhere, the ECU/CDI unit has a blue mark on it and the ski acts exactly like its got a rev limiter set at 4800rpm which is what makes me think somehow the rev limit has been lowered, too bad i cant find a CDI in New Zealand to borrow.......

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