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    Ultra 300x 2012 mods

    Hi people's what are some basic and effective mods to do on the 300x
    before getting too deep cost wise like to do some basics before major upgrades

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    Before the lions get you, I say use the search function......

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    Skat-trak impeller, Farthing Racing Rideplate, Intake grate, Sponsons, High compression Pistons, Farthing Racing Pulleys with Wide belt for better performance and reliability.

    All of these things get you better handling, better performance, and still reliable.
    Email me for Prices, and or build specs.

    [email protected]

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    lol if they are the cheap mods can you quote me up the wizz bang stage

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    thats some funny shite there mal i guess we all have differing views of basic mods..

    on another note nice to see craig here offering some sound advise thats if it is the real craig warner

    Quote Originally Posted by toomanytoys View Post
    lol if they are the cheap mods can you quote me up the wizz bang stage

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