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    Need help/advice. New to PWC and just acquired 2.

    Hi guys, im new to the world of PWC's. I recently acquired 2 kawasaki's 1 is a 750 and im not sure what the other is(650 maybe). Anyway what i need is a way to be able to idetify which models i have, since the decals are pealing off. The other issue is that the engine bays in both machines were about halfway full of water, and im not sure if its fresh water or salt water and how long its been left to sit in this condition. I got the machines for free, so i want to know what i need to do to get them running. Any advice would be greatly appriecieted.

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    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!! Call a local dealer and give them the vin # they should be able to tell you what skis you have. Or post pics and I'm sure somebody here can tell you.
    Let the skis dry out. Take the spark plugs out and add a little oil to the cylinders and then with the plugs out and a fresh battery try to spin them over.

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    Welcome aboard, coolblue128!

    I hope you don't have water in the engines, but there is a good chance that they do. If they've been sitting like that very long, the crankcase drains (assuming they still have them) have probably leaked water inside. The front cover & starter gaskets may have leaked water into the starter drive/stator area, too. And, if it got up to the top of the carbs, it's over.

    Good luck!

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