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    yamaha ho pumps how much hp and tq?

    Working on a project boat 18' and converting it to jet drive. Been around skis since i was 13 now 29 so know the ins and outs. But how much hp and tq can one of these pumps take before upgrading to a bigger pump is in order? I know tons of people with yamaha's and seadoo's pushing upwards of 400+ hp. But probably not nearly the tq that a 3.7 honda v6 would put out.

    Just trying to find an afordable jet pump for this project and not have to run a berkely or other jet drive meant for the v8 jet boats.

    the thought of a modified mercury sport jet pump has crossed my mind but their stupid expensive even used. And would need some creative machining and fabrication to make it more like a standard jet drive instead of the power head on top the jet drive.

    but back to the yamaha pump would be using mostly sho parts. transom plate, pump spacer, wear ring, stator, gpr 1300 reduction nozzle, and sho steering nozzle. would be taking a mold off the bottom of a yamaha hull for the pump tunnel and running the full sho mid bearing support and coupler setup.

    the reason for not going full sho engine and pump ect is i don't have a sho engine or complete ski laying around to part out. and already have the honda v6 that i believe would be a good reliable power plant for this boat. 18' speed boat.

    other option is a rotax 4 tec pump. but then again what i it capable of and would it be able to move enough water for an 18' boat.

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    Tell you the truth the torque is probably only like 250-275 and these boosted motors are probably the same or close. That basically is a j37 style motor correct? 300hp sohc 60° v6? Wouldn't it be better to use a prop that pushes less water so the torque isn't as bad? Then control the RPM's via the venturi and cone?

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