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    I am looking to buy a cheap GPS for use next year. I only really want to read MPH and it would be nice if it was waterproof but most probably aren't. Any suggestions? I can see some of the larger 4.3 screen car versions are as cheap as $45 which is one option. Thanks Bigger the MPH view the better.

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    got a smart phone?

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    Almost any GPS will do what you want.

    Most of the new hand-held units are waterproof; the automotive ones are not. Get a waterproof one; it WILL get wet at some point. My preference is Garmin just because maps are readily available (and for me, maps are the most important thing).

    Look for a unit with a high-sensitivity receiver. If you ever plan on installing maps, get one with a slot for an SD card or micro-SD card. If you just want a speed reading, it doesn't matter if the unit you get only has a greyscale screen, but I suggest you don't limit yourself, and get one with a color screen. Most of the non-colour units will not have a high-sensitivity receiver, and will have an older and slower chipset. And I can tell you from experience that trails and creeks look very much alike with a greyscale screen. lol

    I just picked up a Garmin GPSMAP 78S during a Black Friday sale; it's waterproof and it floats. Very nice full-featured marine unit.

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    A road trail bike I had recently had a GPS speedo on it also did rpm engine temp ect seen them on eBay here in oz might be worth a look

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    Yes I have a Speedhut GPS mph gauge in the single hood of a X4. Cool but not really cheap. I got it off ebay.
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    Garmin e-trex is what I use. It's small and efficient.

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    You want for speed readings, water proof, easy to use Under $100. get Garmin E-Trex !!! I have one is to mount .. I got a Cell Phone holder @ Wal-Mart $6.00 holds it tightly just put mount on ski near dash.

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    I use a garmin 72H. The main reason I use this model is it FLOATS!! I got that one after I lost 2 forerunner 201's, one to a wave in the atlantic and the other after my 951 x4 tossed me. that last one I didn't have for more 24hrs. never got to see the top speed.

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    I use my iphone5....... Free

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