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    08 VX110 newbie Valves question with pics

    Took my first 4 stroke apart today. The problem this one has is zero compression on #2. I pulled the cam shafts and head and this is what I found.The photo is with the #1 cylinder at TDC. All of the #1 valves look closed...and I suspect this is correct since it is TDC.Aon #2 cylinder, the 3 intake valves look wide open but the front most exhaust valve is closed and the rear exhaust valve is wide open. I suspect this is my problem.On cylinders 3 and 4, the intake valves look firmly seated but the exhaust valves are slightly open. Is that mormal? The first photo shows the #2 cylinder with one exhaust open and one closed while the #1 cylinder is at Top Dead Center (determined by feeling for pressure being forced into #1 while turning the PTO counter clockwise, then inserting a screwdriver into the plug hole and slowly continuing the rotation till it peaked. Marked the chain and the cam shaft sprockets for reassembly. The second photo is a photo from a steep angle showing some rust behind the valve heads. There is actually rust on some of the other cylinders valves as well.The third photo is a shot of the cylinders. Besides the color difference, the piston heads look perfect and the cylinder walls of #2 look flawless.The question I have is does this look like there are enough issues with this head to warrant just ordering a head exchange from SBT? Dealer pricing on it through a I think around $400 total if I take that route.The intent of this motor is to get it healthy, water test it for a bit and then throw it into a 2Stroke SUV for my first conversion. I wanted to learn the motkr befor doing so though. If it becomes too much of a PITA then WFO will likely grab this project for me when he gets time to play with it. In the meanwhile....what am I looking at? This is my first ever 4 stroke. Didnt even know what a cam was a week ago LOL!
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