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    Giving Foster Kids a Ride in San Diego

    Thought I would pass on what happened to me Monday night.
    I went to an NFL Alumni Party that was charging $40 entrance fee + a toy with proceeds going to disadvantaged foster children here in town.
    The pastor that is working with these kids was there, and when I was introduced as the Guy who gave Military Jetski Rides, he cornered me and asked if I had ever worked with disadvanted/foster kids before.
    I told him no, but I was interested.
    He brought over a 10 yr kid in a wheelchair he brought with him, who has NO parents (both dead) and has MS.
    Everybody in attendance brought a packaged Toy, and ALL of these toys went to this kid in a wheelchair.
    There was not a dry eye in the house when they told him all of the gifts stacked up in a separate room were HIS…..he freaked out with JOY.
    The pastor took him in with his family out of his 4th foster home and 2 failed suicide attempts.
    I approached him and asked him if he wanted a jetski ride……his eyes popped wide open and he followed me in his chair the rest of the night.
    He wanted my phone number to make SURE he got a Ride.
    The pastor told me he has MANY more foster kids like him, and if I would give them a ride some weekend 8-10 at a time.
    That is why I am emailing you, to see if there is any interest in helping me out.
    Just a Ride, no food or anything.
    Let me know what you think, looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks !!

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    Kudos to you, Ray: A special person helping out special people. Keep up the great work...

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    I'd do it. Pm me the info.

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