I’d like to share my take on Yamaha FX HO 2004-2012 here.
I started riding Sep 2010. I have total of 580 hours of ocean riding on 3 skis, 2004 FX HO Cruiser, (2) 2006 FX HO Cruiser. It’s safe to say at the extent I have run these skis in the ocean; I know its feel really well. 580 hours of Ocean riding is a lot of water time and I have always had destination meaning I didn’t go to open water to jump surf and do circles and donuts. I have travelled 40 miles offshore one way and have experienced different sea state.
I would like to make a quick comparison of the riding and handling of the old (prior to 2008 hull and 2012 hull that they changed the design. This is with having only 110 miles of ocean riding experience with the 2012 compared to 7000+ miles of old HO but I think I did get a very good feel of the 2012 HO eventhough I only rode it that much.

With that said, the hook up has improved on the 2012 but the ride is not as smooth. When you get hit it hurts your knees and body more than the old hull design, kinda like old GTX doos feel (not quite as bad). Ski has a nose heavy feel compared to old hull. It does turn quicker eventhough it’s bigger. The stupid hood design will channel the water in your face as if they made a gutter to aim for your head in rough water. So in rough water you get a good head wash where the older HO does much better in keeping you partially dry. Seats are not as plush and comfortable as the old cruiser seats. The trim change is in awkward place. You can’t really change the trim on the fly like the old ski design and they have taken the right hand side display off the HO Cruiser series so you don’t have any compass, temp, fuel consumption..etc…

So I ask Yamaha:
Why would you design a late model ski to be inferior in any way to your ancient models?
Yes, you have improved lots of stuff but you have also made things worse in other areas. Concept of a new generation ski should be in every way superior to the older ones. If you can’t make it better, don’t make it worse, leave it as is with other improvements…It’s a Shame!!