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    96 900sl No power! wont start. help!

    hey guys

    So i have a 1996 900sl polaris. went good for a while then it would occassionally not start, got no power at all. id keep trying then it would just wind over and fire straight up. it started happening more often now it wont ever start. i jumped the solenoid and it winds over but has no spark? i know almost nothing about engines. if its somthing simple i can fix my self if not ill take it somwhere.

    thanks in advance

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    What do you mean by 'no power at all'?

    What exactly are the symptoms? Does the engine crank over when you press the Start button?

    If it cranks but has no spark, the most common cause is a weak battery.

    Put a multi-meter on the battery posts, with the meter set to read DC volts (20 volt range). Watch the battery voltage. Before you touch the Start button the voltage should be right around 12.5 volts (with a typical lead-acid battery that is well charged).

    When you press and hold the Start button the engine cranks and the battery voltage will dip. It is critical that the battery voltage stay above 10.6 volts while the engine is cranking. If the battery voltage sags below 10.6 volts the engine will not have spark.

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