Hi there peoples I bought an ultra 150 a year ago to ride over Chrissy was going to flog it off in the new year but I fell in love with it lol. So up till now I have done the following mods >>
Re-surfaced hull>>
worx sponsons >>
solas dynafly impeller shimmed blueprinted to pump>>
tilt mod >>
shed master ride plate >>
worx intake >>
umi steering >>
high compression red heads >>
With these mods done it has gone from being almost uncontrollable to have quite a stable ride but now I’m in pursuit of speed >>
I’m currently getting 69 mph on gps I want to try get 75ish.>>
I know these skis are getting a bit old now but they really open the eyes of the supercharge boys when there $20,000 ski struggle to blow away a 13 year old ski hehe. >>
anyway I really want to get my hands on a set of novi's 46 or 48s with all the gear to go with stuffer’s side draft intake etc. >>
I know I can get the brand new but at the value of the ski it’s hard to fork out that much cash on it. >>
plus if I can find some second hand already tuned and matched then that's less head f..ck for me and I like that .>>
So if anyone has this gear let me know how much you asking for it cheers?>>