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    GTX DI wont start without assistance from a can!

    951 GTX DI '03 - Hard to start

    Hi all,

    Im trying to help a friend with his DI

    He has had a few issues which are now fixed, but it still causing problems

    *It has a fair few hours - approx 200.

    It is almost impossible to start when cold, or warm. It will only start with a spray of engine start fluid sprayed into the air box while cranking.

    Once its started, it idles smooth, revs plenty. Had it out on the water and it runs smooth, doesnt break down, miss or anything.
    But when its turned off, it will only re-start for the first 30 seconds, after that, It wont start without a spray into the air box.
    It doesnt seem to make much difference cold or warm.

    What we've done so far:

    Check injectors - seem to spray fine, not dripping fuel
    Spark plugs are near new, gapped to specs
    Battery is new
    Rectifier is new
    Fuel pump is new
    Added new fuel
    Compression is even (Cant remember exact psi)
    Checked air pump is working (Not sure what pressure it's supposed to be)
    Spark and fuel showing at crank speed

    Only clue is Plugs seem to be fairly black (they are the correct ones)

    I have a candoo pro , no error codes showing

    I'm at a loss of what to look at. Getting frustrated because it runs smooth, once it gets started!

    Any help appreciated!

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    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!
    Have you tried using the search function on this site??

    I remember reading other threads about di skis with starting issues..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!
    Have you tried using the search function on this site??

    I remember reading other threads about di skis with starting issues..

    yeah I tired searching through similar problems, no luck.

    frustrating part is, if u add 2 drops of fuel to just 1 cylinder, replace plug then crank it over, it starts instantly and runs smooth.

    Does anyone know if the Di's or any seadoo pwc have a prime function when the key is put on? thinking this may be the issue...

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    yes, with the DI's you should hear a "buzzing" sound for a couple of seconds when you put on the key. I believe that it is a primer.

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    The buzzing sound is the fuel pump. I already answered the OP in a different forum about his problem. He has low air pressure.

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    Back again, sorry it took so long.

    After a long trial and error period, it turns out the ski had a couple of issues,

    The fuel regulator was faulty and wasnt holding correct pressure anymore, (was only partially working)

    A faulty injector was causing a fuse to blow intermittently

    Replaced the fuel reg with another 2nd had unit, which was also faulty, then added in an aftermarket adjustable regulator with a gauge.

    Replaced faulty injector.

    Ski now holds 110psi fuel pressure and runs smooth. Took it out on the water and was fine all day.

    Time to get rid of it and update to something newer!

    Thanks for all the help guys!

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    Hello I am new to this ski hobby. I have a seadoo gtx di that i purchase last year the ski was running fine till i had to replace the regulator rectifier no problem after that
    at the end of the season i notice a low compression so i replace the top end with new .5mm over pistons and rings the engine started right up after the rebuil and took it to the lake to break in the engine it run good and after a took it again and i run it again at low rpms and it run ok again until the last run it quit right in the middle of the lake i tow it back and i notice that the fuel pump was not making any sound i get 2 beeps and no fuel prime noise so i replace the fuel pump after that it took me a little longer to get it to start but it did run!!!! the ski was running good. And then again it quit it will not start again i checked fuel pressure,air pressure and spark every thing checks out good i notice fuel in the air compressor hose that is attach to the fuel rail on the shop manual it says if i have any fuel in the air compressor outlet hose i have a bad fuel regulator.....bumblebee had similar problem but my ski will not even stays running with a little spray from the can..any any body have any suggestion on it...

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