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    3rd aftermarket tach. Now why is this still happening?

    I bought the Trail Tach listed in this link which I believe is fully supported for GP1200r application.

    Unfortunately this tach does the same thing as the Northern Tool and HardLine tach does - which is read completely inconsistently. The numbers jump all over the place. WHen idling in my driveway at 3000rpm, the tack is reading randomly between 3800 and 6000. I installed it next to my factory gauges, ran the wire down the stering column, down the left side of the ski back tward the CDI and wrapped the wire ~4 times around the top spark wire #1 where it comes right out of the CDI. On the other tachs that did this I installed them in a couple different ways and always had the same affect. The guy at HardLine said his tach was no good for skis.

    Is there no end to me finding a working tach for my GP1200R?

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    Wrap it around all three.
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    Hello ZeroClient, I got a used Pet 2000 Tach from a forum member .. I wrapped it around all 3 spark wires near the CDI box ... like Beerdart shows in the photos ... it works just like it is suppose to. I hear the Tiny Tachs work well also ... and do not cost much. Good Luck

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    I think your issue may be an aftermarket CDI unit (If your using one), I'm using an Advent CDI and I have the same issue. I believe the unit may have a multi spark function at lower rpm to give a better burn, then as the rpm gets higher you get less sparks per rpm and a more accurate reading. The indicated rpm always seems to be a multiple of what the reading should be.

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    I figured this out. Boy these little tachs are a bit sensitive. I set the sensitivity to something other than how it was delivered. Then I wrapped the wire only around one full wrap near the plug of #1. Tied a regular knot, then ziptied it all cleanly. The tach is now steady and stable. It's Looking accurate on the trailer.

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    On the end of the wire you should drop some loctite or silicone to keep rust and water out of the wire to keep it accurate

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