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    Post Kawasaki ultra 250x bogging issue, please help me :(

    Hi guys,

    i have an issue with my 2007 250x bogging down, it only seems to happen when it's 3/4 and below of fuel?

    At first I thought it could be the fuel pump but wouldn't that happen all the time?

    then I thought maybe dirty fuel? But have used it all refuelled etc

    it only seems to happen when it's not full to the brim of fuel.. I need some help because the mechanics are going to charge me a ridiculous price for something that could be an easy fix. I just need to know the problem?

    any help you can give is soo greatly appreciated


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    Explain bogging down what rpm,s and what boost are you getting check your fuel tank vent system

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    Are your compression #s close to each other and good??

    It does sound like there is an issue with the tank or fuel system but its also good to know your compression is within specs.

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    I'm not 100% sure what the compression rate is. I unfortunately cant store it at my house at this point in time so it a bitch to check it all the time..

    Without going there and checking it, I have seen this video on youtube. and my ski sounds the same as this one. Again it doesn't always do it.

    When im looking at the gauges they are just bouncing up and down. maybe get up to 20kms per hour

    Sorry im not really that tech savy.

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    Loose charger belt it sounds like.!!

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    as our crystal balls are a little hazy here if you arent tech savy maybe its best for all to take it to a dealer

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    Just a thought, how many hours are on the spark plugs? If more than say 30 hours, might try replacing as an easy fix. Had bogging problems with my Ultra LX and new plugs cleared it up.
    Good Luck

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