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    newbie question..whats the REAL difference between 60 and 90??

    im doing research for my first ski, I want something light as I am only using it for wavejumping, thought I wanted an old 2 stroke but this spark has really caught my eye. so what is the real difference between the 2? is it the exact same motor but with a different ecu program or whatever? could I add parts to get more low end and holeshot? I think I can only afford the 60. is it true that I could just reflash the ecu to 109hp? I did some research but I am just trying to figure out the exact differences between the 2, is it just the ecu map or whatever or is there more differences like compression or something, wouldn't common sense tell you to get the cheaper 60 and just flash it to 109 and save money or am I wrong?..sorry if this question was repeated and thankyou

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    plus is anyone out there finding the 60 too underpowered? once again the 40mph don't bother me as much as im scared the holeshot would be too weak for wavejumping.

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    Same motor.. Save the $$$ buy the 60 then get a vtech tune..

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    If you plan on getting the 3up, it only comes with the 90hp. If I were getting a 2up I'd go with the 60hp and get it flashed.

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    yeah without a doubt 2 up. so basically seadoo is charging 700 bucks for a different tune...any reliability issues with the tune? and does anyone find the 60 too underpowered for the time being? thanks

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    At 60hp it is like 1/2 total hp more, or 1/3 ,ore overall at 90 depending on how u look at it, seems to me like it is worth it. Just hold enough money out of your down payment to buy a flash.

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    The difference between the 60 HP and 90 HP is $699.
    What does the Flash Cost AND is it worth Voiding the Warranty?
    That's what I would ask?

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    Here in Australia the price difference between the 60 and 90 is $1000. I'm told the re flash is about $700.
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    Seems like if you wanted to change from a 60 to a 90 and a flash was that much I would just change the ecm to a 90. Cost on a new one is about the same as a flash then sell your old ecm and recoup some of your money. All other parts are the same electrically and mechanically on a Spark. Only the ecm is different.

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    Just saw this video on Facebook showing a stock 90hp Spark going round and round with a V-Tech tuned 109HP Spark

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