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    What's happens if I run to high mph

    Don't get me wrong here but I'm build my ski ATM and just seeing if running e85 , 16psi water meth injection, after market ecu that if I hit to high mph with the std pump I will have buck or dramas can anyone give me the steer in the right direction.
    cheers matt

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    Probably need to do some serious upgrades, I'd be getting onto ROSS NEMO or check out his build thread that thing of his is off the chains.

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    Yeah good read

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    Get the Rd intake grate to prevent a stuff, otherwise they stuff stock. Once the grate is swapped you are good to go. Others have stuffed from running to small of exit nozzles. Don't try and 81mm nozzle and I would shy away from 82mm. Stay bigger than that.

    Fuel pump and injectors likely required to flow enough e85 to make power.

    Play safe and take advantage of this board.

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