I would just like to say a big THANK you and group hug to Gav... the guru, master of seadoo as he takes a well earned break from jetski's to pursue other interests (rumour has it a pornstar is his next profession)

As the only workshop to churn out both rec riding turbo ski's which have defied logic and boats can run stupid HP reliably.. even with closed loop cooling on the stock ride plate because the owner is an idiot, and modding the stock ECU??!?!? How two mind blowing ski's could come out from such a little shop really is an understatement of your talents

With the Guru's apprentice now taking over the reigns.. I would still send my ski there if i wasn't 2000km away.


If you read this. Petey loves you too... if we were both to turn gay. You would be our first

good luck with your future endeavours.. and the support and now a very limited edition ski that I have!!!!!

and as a free plug for those in brisbane, Brisbane watercraft - located in clontarf!!!