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    Excessive Force: 2014 Yamaha FZR SVHO

    Let me begin by saying that Yamaha is listening. They’ve read your emails, your posts on the forums and social media. They’ve looked over your pictures and are watching the videos you publish. While this might sound kinda scary, it’s actually*really, really good news. Why? Because they just built the two-seater personal watercraft we’ve all […]
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    Pretty cool

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    I went Yamaha dealer today ... did not get to see the 2014 's are they in distribution ? What will be the MSRP on the SVHO ?

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    Right now, I don't know. Rest assured, the remaining FZR SHO's will be discounted considerably as the new SVHO's roll in. To get the SHO to hang with an uncorked SVHO (reflashed ECU) will take some money, but will probably even out if you get a good deal on a SHO.

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