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    SHO max. Hours on it ?


    I will buy a FZR 2011 with 99 HR on it. 100% Original Stock, no Saltwater riding.
    Is it possible, that the Clutch breaks on a Stock engine ? Is 100 HR much for the Engine ?

    The Clutch in 2011 is better than a Clutch from 2010, or is it the same one ?

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    If it hasn't been replaced, then it'll happen at sometime. I've heard them happening as soon as 20 hours and up to 250 hours(my SHO), replace with the 12 and you'll be golden.

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    Yes, that part can break. A clutch replacement by itself is not too big of a deal. But if the clutch breaks and causes some damage to surrounding parts it can become a very big deal.

    I think the better way to look at this, and this applies to ANY OEM Supercharged Ski, is to have a factory Warranty in effect during the duration you own the Ski.

    If you really want this Ski and it is out of Warranty or never had one, than I would replace the Clutch (and factor that cost into your purchase price). JB

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    i go to 2014 Model...

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    2013 clutch and idler gear sold as a set now!!!

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    My 2010 has 485 hours original clutch. I'm waiting for it to break so that it can be fixed in extended warranty and it keeps going strong.

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