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    2000 XP

    I just got a 2000 XP. I do not know anything about the handling of this machine. Any thought on how it handles? I am wondering about the handling because the engine is so far forward. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    they handle great. they turn awesome and are decently fast. they like to run in the chop more so than glass water. the only bad thing is they are not the most stable hull at idle. two up is hard to pull off until your on plane.

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    Agree on above points. It is a great cruising ski, carves through wakes better than earlier model XP and GSX models. If you are using to wake-jumping and that is your thing, forget it with this ski.

    Can be really dicey when you let off the throttle at slower speeds. Wants to dive and gets wobbly. Idle operations like docking can be a real pain until you get used to it. I would never let a beginner ride one. Had a 2001, threw my wife off. We thought it was funny but she didn't.

    Not a good acceleration ski, really sluggish on take-off.

    If your riding style is balls-out high speed cruising, it is a great ski. If you putz around or like to jump wakes, it is a nightmare.

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    This is the best overall hull I have owned. It does jump wakes well if you give it gas at the right time. It is a comfortable cruiser as well.

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