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    Polaris Paint Info

    Here are the part numbers for matching paint for the Polaris line.

    Spray cans are 2859078-xxx and quarts are 2859079-xxx. XXX being the paint code listed in the Polaris manual. For example, Havasu Red, which is the color of the 2001 Pro 1200 is code P292. So to get the spray can in that color you would order part number 2859078-292. I believe there is a minimum order of 2 cans. I think they retail for around 12 bucks a piece.

    The paint codes are listed in the Polaris service manuals. Your Polaris Dealer should be able to get them for you. I did purchase a few cans through Partspitstop.

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    Hello, not sure of how big a project you have for painting ski. I just wanted to mention that I found you can take ski to O'Reily's Auto Parts store they can determine the exact color and mix paint for you in any size amount you want .... for small areas it's is great cause you can get small amount for let's say a 6"x 3" repair, etc. Save a lot of $$. My 2cts.

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