Now isnít this a pretty sight? Yeah, I bet thereís a few things you can spot in this single-car garage that can get you pretty excited. As winter falls upon us (well, except for Florida. Apparently, they didnít get the memo), even the residents of the Southwest are beginning the process of storing their watertoys for the season.

We spotted this satisfied Jet Renu Powerboat and Watercraft Cleaning Systems customer over on the official Jet Renu Facebook page who stated, ďGarage full of shiny skis, thanks to Jet Renu!Ē Using the multistage cleaning, polishing and finishing cleansers, polishes and waxes, your personal watercraft can look as good as it did the day you first brought it home.
Remember, winterizing your ski is a lot more than just replacing your fluids or prepping for freezing temperatures and other nasty effects of cold weather, itís also the time to finally buckle down and detail your PWC like youíve been meaning to all year.

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