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    3 Words...Waverunner Gold Dredge...

    Just a pipe dream but at some point in my upcoming retirement (6.5 years from now) I just have to rig up a PWC gold dredge. I'm so damn addicted to all of the gold mining shows that I think it is a "must-attempt"...that will very likely never come to fruition of course so I'm depending on one of my fellow jetski/gold fever enthusiasts to do it before me LOL.

    The Platform: Yamaha SUV of course! A natural 650lb or so payload capacity (you know...for the 1/4 ton of gold I find daily sleucing random rivers . Wing well compartments rigged with flexible fuel bladders to accomodate enough gas to keep the diving compressors going and the jet pump venturi nozzle sucking agua all day.

    Next week I'm going to start private lessons on aluminum welding to build a nice light weight sleuce box side car (pics of the build will begin sometime in 2020 so stay tuned LOL!

    The venturi nozzle will be powered by the jet pump from my future SUV VX110 conversion. I figure the idle flowrate could be set with a long throttle cable extension along the 6" siphon hose leading to the diver so that they can increase or decrease suction as needed to achieve the desired turbulance down the sleuce ripples.

    Total cost of the system should be just under 10k. So, since I estimate I would use it exactly one time before I realize that it is too much work for the .000045 troy ounces it will produce will officially be the coolest waste of time and money that I have ever spent.

    Sorry, home sick and bored today watching Bearing Sea Gold and cant help thinking even gold dredging would be cooler from a waverunner.
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    Well can't say your imagination is grounded. It is what dreams are made of ... we will stay tuned Ha Ha

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    need a partner?? i will drive and you can would be our luck that we would suck up a gold nugget to big for the hose and ski would run hot to the point of blowing a big hole in the block and we would both drown and our familys wouldnt even have enough money to bury us because we pissed it away on this pwc/dredge bored too,hit me up in 2020 and i will help with sluece box

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    Thank God! I thought I was the onlynone going nuts.

    I saw that video on the flyboard where it boasts about 1000 gallons per minute to create enough thrust to keep an adult 30 feet above water so I assume a properly throttled down version would suffice to create enough suction for the dredge inlet while not blowing the box out. Discovery Channel here I come LOL.

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    I'm in. I can weld aluminum

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    I love this idea;
    I'll bet we could get more gold than Todd Hoffman anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    I love this idea;
    I'll bet we could get more gold than Todd Hoffman anyway...
    especially if we cut jerry in on the deal...he could turbo it with dual lines and sleuth boxes...hoffman wouldnt stand a chance...

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    Ha! I want to pull up next to Emily Ridelle in Nome, AK and shave her mustache.

    Okay, new design incorporates an aluminum catamaran type addition to each side with 55 gallon drums as floats. Each side has a cozy rear facing sidecar...because no one is riding out bitch...k?

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    I have a brother who used to live in the northwest;
    at one time he was talking about trying this on the weekends...

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    I've been watching lots of those youtube vids as well but have not seen that one yet. Pretty cool though. I like the little jet spray hose to agitate the nooks.

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