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    To much anti seize on plugs?

    I put anti seize on my 300x plugs for the 1st time only to have a ski that ran a little rough and didnt have the same feel even when blibbing the throttle. Any1 else ever come across this? I cleaned the threads up and ski went back to normal ?? Very strange.

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    More likely was a loose cap, and. Make sure it's a nickel not copper based anti seize

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    As long as the anti siese isn't below the bottom threat u r ok.

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    If you do use anti sieze I wouldn't fog the cylinders with fogging oil. when you have anti sieze on the threads and spray fogging oil down the sparkplug hole the anti sieze will run down into the cylinders and get all over the cylinder walls,rings and valves. Anti sieze just smears all over everything and will take forever to burn off the internals.IMO I wouldn't fog the cylinders if you are using anti sieze on the plugs.

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    Unless you have it on the tip of the plug or on any big globs on the plug that goes in the cylinder its not too much. When you tighten the plug down the threads in the plug are in contact with the threads in the head so its not creating a conductivity problem. If you used something like RTV you would have a SLIGHT chance that you could insulate the plug but even then it would be a million to one chance.


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    I been using this "special sauce" without any issues whatsoever.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What's the big deal weather it be Cu based or whatever?

    It's the "high temperature" formula which I have used on Turbocharger Threads - which reach ~ 1500 + *F - again without issues.

    Lastly, if a little bit of this sauce gets in the combustion chamber - it's gonna get compressed, ignited and ultimately "blown-out" the exhaust under boost - so what's the reasoning to be "temper mental" with this stuff?

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    I forgot to add that the Kawasaki Dealership where I bought my ski recommends the Cu Based stuff.

    Maybe it's been shared with them - via a Kawasaki Service Publication (Service Bulletin) - that recommends to them what to use to assist with servicing spark plugs and ultimately preventing "stuck plugs"?

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    If your dealer tells you,to,use copper based fine, use that and if you ever have a problem with electrolysis between plug and head be sur sto take it back to them. All the dealers I know ( all makers) recommend against it so do the guys I work,with that build offshore race engines.

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    well I guess I better tell the Manufacturer of my Permatex never sieze to stop telling lies.

    I guess there Could be inferrior CHEAP copys that might cause problem ............

    But i am confident after my 25yrs of using it with ZERO stuck plugs that is 100% fine to use the copper stuff

    Even when I was dellivering training schools for MITSUBISHI Australia they recommended to use it on the 100,000km rear plugs onthe V6 engine platforms......So go figure .....who's wrong ?


    Suggested Applications: Spark plug threads installed in aluminum, exhaust manifold bolts, engine bolts, oxygen sensors, knock sensors, thermostat housing bolts, and fuel filter fittings - See more at:
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    Fuck me, sorry for passing on information I received in good faith from experts in their fields.

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