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    13 rxtx purchase. Houston dealer

    Anything I need to be concerned about with this model. Seems a lot hasn't changed over the past couple years or for 14. It's a leftover and they are trying to push before boat show jan 3. I had intentions to buy at a boats how this year. There's only 3 dealers within 4 hrs I found that had 13s. Pursuing the 13 obviously for the discount and it seems this place is willing to deal. He even stated he could beat the other two dealers I inquired about and throw some items in like vests (2) extinguisher. Etc and add a boarding step at cost.

    Houston - team mancuso dealer.

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    Get them to throw in a longer warranty... Or cover some oil changes...
    Usually left overs doo get extended warranty perks...

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    Thanks. Yes I would be after a 2-3 yr warranty as well. I will give them a shot and if no dice I will try my luck at the boatshows

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    Get it and come on over. CajunJosh is gonna be coming home from Austin to visit his dad who has a place in Henderson. We're planning to go out pump some water.

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    When Brian?

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    Don't have a specific date yet but first things first buy that RXTX. That's one mean looking ski.

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    I'd say buy it if that is what your looking for. 2014 nothing really has changed.

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    Looks like I will probably take my chances and wait sometime in January. With the holidays and whatnot I want certain things paid for before I spend a lot on a toy and there's only so much I want to finance. So I will most likely take a gamble and hope I can snag one up in mid-late jan

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    Talked to them thurs. They haven't called back

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