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    SUV fishing off Texas coity dike or Galveston Yacht Basin Monday Dec 23

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    Meeting at the Galveston Yaht Basin tomorrow morning 6:20am. Targeting flounder primarily. We want to see if there are any good fish left along the bulkheads and on the bank slopes just West of Seawolf park area. If we aren't getting the bite we'll head to deeper water in the channel and try for drum or whatever tastes good on the grill.

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    How did it go? I wish I would have seen this, I love flounder.


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    it was ice cold out this morning. We launched at about 730 and there had to have been a 20 mile an hour wind down there making the 35 degree temperatures even colder. Arrival was at high tide with an outgoing tide all the way till 1 o'clock. We figured we would try it out anyway to set a baseline for our tolerance for cold First we hit the area to the west of Seawolf park and my buddy picked up a nice flounder on a finger mullet. We move down to The Cove just west of sea wolf Park but we could not find a bite. moved back over to the Galveston yacht basin launch area and tried along the banks with no bites. Went back to the starting point and through a few attempts into deeper water on the way out but nothing was biting. Drifted east to west for about a half of a mile without even a tap in 20 feet of water and then same story along the shoreline where the weight fisherman collect. Our last chance was over at the Coast Guard Station but same story.

    I guess either I need a lot more work on my fishing skills or they may have just had lockjaw from this arctic blast we just got down here. We were fishing with nice finger mullet, live shrimp, Berkley Gulp shad and shrimp with with led head jigs. Oh well, it was still awesome just to be out there. I need to work on my warm weather gear pretty iced over at times on the hands.

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    Sounds like you were the victim of high pressure. Better luck next time.

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    Yep. Barometric pressure 30.46. Interesting...

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    Wish I had seen this earlier. I was out in West Bay last Saturday scouting. I had a few bites but water clarity made fishing extremely difficult. how many SUV's did you have show up? Let me know next time you guys go.

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    Will do. PM me your cell and I'll text u the next time we start planning a trip. Only 2 of us went but it was so dang cold and windy that a couple others "smarted out". I think my new cutoff is 50 degrees at launch LOL.

    Starting Jan 14th I will be off on Thursdays/Fridays for the rest of the new year so fishing is likely either of those two days. Most of my fishing buds are off Sunday Monday so we will be doing some Monday trips as well.

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    When I launched last weekend it was a cool 46, no wind and warmed up nicely as the day progressed. I had on thermals, waders, and a thick carhart hoodie so I was toastie warm! Unfortunately with my vacations planned this summer I will be limited to weekdays off so I will most likely be a weekend warrior.

    My g/f and I ride our ski everywhere. We did a trip from Freeport to Port O'Connor back in June and rode our ski (along with our jetski club) to Lake Charles from Galveston. You and your SUV buddies should join us sometime!

    Shooting you a pm with contact info.

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