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    2002 Virage, took it to a polaris dealer for service

    Hoping they can find the fault, that's causing it to die, when starting in cooler weather? Was told the guy that works on the pwc's, will call me. K447 has helped tons already, from the TPS to the EMM, any advice to what questions I should ask the mechanic? Any tips on how to tell, if the mechanic is full of bull, or knows their stuff? Ugh,, not looking forward to seeing the bill!

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    Arrow Some common causes of trouble on Ficht engines

    Things that often need to be checked as part of the diagnostics;

    EMM needs repair (Low injector voltage, crazy ignition timing, no ignition or no fuel injection)
    Fuel pump needs repair (pressure regulator)
    TPS throttle sensor needs replacement (incorrect or crazy signals to EMM)
    LR-503 Start/Stop module
    Wrong spark plugs installed
    Exhaust heat sensor (wires damaged or sensor cooked, especially on MSX 140)
    ... Some other things I will remember later ...

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    Fuel pump, replaced last may, new plugs installed NGK correct serial #, gapped to 0.30. TPS replaced last may, and was adjusted, per say of last guy that worked on it, last may, replaced broken water injector solenoid, thanks to K447, so the EMM possible culprit? Will let you know what codes, and repairs hopefully this more qualified place finds?

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    You may have been better off just pulling the EMM yourself and sending it in to be tested rather than taking it to a dealer.

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    Bryan, you may be right, hoping for now, its something simple, dont have test equip, so rolling the dice, hoping for a seven!

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    I'm gonna pull my EMM out of the virage and take it over to DFI. Hell, they are only an hour or so away from me.

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    What was your Virage doing? To prompt you to remove the EMM? Mine was "cold natured" start and die, after warmed up, would stay running, the hotter the weather, the easier to start, when I tried to start it late this fall, mainly to check out where it was leaking water, couldn't get it to stay running, to warm it up! Hoping this place I took the ski, they know their stuff. I want it purring like a kitten for next summer season.

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    Mine has a really hard time starting. It's got to be fuel related. I had it at the ramp yesterday and it will start on starter fluid but won't stay running unless I keep spraying.

    In the summer it was hard to start(usually had to hold it at WOT) and ran rough until warmed up then it was fine.

    DFI is so close to me it's not a hassle to pull the EMM and have them check it.

    I'm going to change the fuel pump out and see if that works first. Never hurts to have a new fuel pump.

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