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    Aftermarket or Custom Trim options?

    Anyone got an idea if a trim setup can be put on the Spark?

    parts from another model? Aftermarket manual setup?

    I am crazy excited about this ski and replacing my 96 XPs with 4-strokes, but I can't pull the trigger without knowing I can get adjustable trim on them.

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    If you watch the VTECH tester he leans forward all the way a few seconds before he hits the throttle. The ski does not rise. However, if a little hulk at only 88 lbs is on the machine, you might get some severe rising of the bow

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    I'm amazed with you crazy Americans. If you want trim or 260hp go buy the Rxpx. If you want to have a fun ski that you can pull out of garage and go use it whenever be fuel efficient and not break the bank then buy a spark. Then after you own it then mod it if you see fit.

    And before you all jump down my throat yes I own a rxpx260 and a 60hp spark.
    For the record a Rxpx is 25k New Zealand dollars and a 60hp spark is 9499.

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    My idea of fun is a lot different than most. I want trim to help me adjust for takeoff when I'm back flipping it 20 ft in the air of a ramp created by 2 loaded down wakeboard boats.

    Money isn't the object here. I wouldn't take an rxpx for free. They are boring as hell to ride. This spark is the first 4 stroke ski built ever that has the potential for freestyle hardcore riding.

    I still have my 96 XPs because they are actually a blast to ride. But I want the torque from a four stroke. Without trim it will be much harder adjusting for jumping.

    Is that crazy American enough for you? Lol

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    Ride a spark first mate. The thing is so lite. Just pull the trigger and pull the bars back and I'd say you will be be shitting ya pants with the amount of air .Just don't buy one because it doesn't have trim.

    You guys get them cheap as. He'll I'd buy two if I was in America

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    There's got to be a way to fab a setup on it though.. I can't imagine it's a completely new designed nozzle on the back of that thing..

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    These ones are for yamaha's, other models have them with steering nozzles with varying diameters.
    I think the gurus are already on it though in another thread

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    I agree. Need trim!!! Lever hydraulic trim to be precise.

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