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    Cool Check Engine Light Warning Icon?

    Hey Guys,

    Don't know if anyone has experience this as yet. Took my spark out yesterday on the water. One of my mates took it for a spin and when he returned to shore, the 'Check engine light' icon was on.

    Could this have been because he almost got the ski vertical in the water and the on board sensors didn't like it? or could it possibly have been an engine too hot issue? as the ski was fairly hot?

    Light eventually turned off and ski was back to normal in the end...

    Any thoughts?

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    I've seen that come on for being vertical on rxt and rxp skis and was told its just the oil sensors not detecting oil for a split second and giving a warning.

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    I had the other day. Just letter. Y Engine light. Only plus fuel gauge worked ok
    the spark worked fine 100% would change into sports mode and no change on display
    i am hopeing it's a faulty display
    let us know if you find something

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