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    C3 or ET Low Boost?

    Read this thread: But still a bit confused.
    B1, C3 or ET LB? It looks like the C3 and the ET are preferred by GH members but the differences in boost seem marginal.
    Am I right in assuming the ET is the lightest and best made, followed by the C3 and the B1 is a more economical wheel, produces the same boost (theortically) but maybe not as light and well made as the other 2? Not trying to start a war, just trying to buy the right thing.

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    Most of the guys here run the ET Wheel as it's a cnc construction and yes lighter, the C3 is a cast wheel slightly heavier, but the boost comes on harder with a C3 and peaks at [email protected] as Apposed to the ET comes in more gentle and peaks 14psi around 8500, and not hammering your clutch as hard I'd say

    i guess at the end of the day it's down to how much coin you have in the piggy bank and personal preference.

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    havent tried the C3 but between the B1 and the ET there is a 1.5-2mph 150-200rpm difference as early as 8300rpm.the C3 should be somewhere between the two but in reality there isnt a large power difference between the three unless you are chasing every mile.for a direct drop in with a reflash and no tuning the B1 would be my only choice.with either of the other two i would recommend a regulator and monitoring afr.

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