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    Video: Massive Aussie Air at Cronulla Rip N Ride 6

    Its been a while coming but the complete and completely awesome full video documenting this years stellar Cronulla Rip N Ride 6 is now out and embedded below. For those who dont know, the Cronulla Rip N Ride is possibly the most hardcore freeride event in the Southern Hemisphere, welcoming the worlds best surf riders from across the globe to compete, ride and just have a great time.

    The post Video: Massive Aussie Air at Cronulla Rip N Ride 6 appeared first on The Watercraft Journal.

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    That's a great YouTube clip.

    Around the 5 min 50 second area of the clip it looks like they are using a spark to jump 10 ft waves.

    Massive sail n bails in that video.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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