2013 King's Cup Recap Rick Sherker
As I return home from Pattaya, Thailand from this year’s king's Cup, I am realizing just how tough it will be to achieve my goal of returning with the Cup one year! This was my third attempt and I was not able to put it all together. I had great support from the entire Jettribe Racing team, my ski ran great, but I struggled with a bug or an allergic reaction to something again this year, like last year.
After getting the holeshot and leading for several laps in moto one, I felt overheated. I lost several positions after slowing down and finished a disappointing 4th place. When finished my entire body broke out in hives instantly, something I've never experienced. With a few hours break between moto 1 and 2, the hives disappeared with the help of some anti-allergy pills and a cold shower, but I was not feeling any better. Things went downhill from there, finishing 6th in moto 2 after holeshoting the inside start, then taking a swim in moto 3 after a poor start and finished 10th. Holeshotted the outside split and finished 8th in moto 4. All said and done I finished 7th overall.
Shortly after the last race I began to feel better after the stress was off. Although I did not feel any more pressure or stress than any other race, I can't help to wonder if that helped trigger things???
The good part was the rest of the trip was a blast, and although I'm disappointed in the results, the experience was a success. I arrived a day early this year, getting into Pattaya Monday afternoon, which even gave me time to sit at the pool at one point and enjoy the mid 80 degree temps while we were getting our first snowstorm this year at home! The rest of the Jettribe team trickled in by Wednesday evening. The Jettribe staff from Vietnam Arrived Friday with this year’s team shirts and personalized race banners for the team. It was great to see everyone again!
Now that I’m home, it’s time to enjoy the off season and start preparing for next year’s season… Looking forward to the spring!!!Click image for larger version. 

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