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    Polaris 700 Hurricane

    Hi from Australia!!

    Just wondering if anyone could help me? I just bought a Polaris 700 Hurricane Jetski. The first time I took it out it went great for half a day and then it wouldn't start and did not have a spark. I then took it to a jetski repairer and they took apart the electrical box, checked all connections (fixed any that were loose or damaged) and they also recharged battery. When they put it all back together it started so they didn't actually find a specific problem. I then took it back out on the river and it went great again for a whole day before it wouldn't start again. I put a multi meter on the battery and found that the battery was not being charged so I replaced the regulator/rectifier and now when I run the motor the voltage on the battery slowly rises above 14 volts. I then took to the water again and now it runs for about a minute or two before it dies. It then cranks over very slowly and does not start until I leave it for a minute or two and then it cranks fast and starts again, It just keeps repeating this.

    My jetski has had an electrical box upgrade.

    I would very much appreciate any suggestions or if you could put me on to someone with experience with the electrical system of Polaris 700 Hurricanes. VERY FRUSTRATING!!

    Kind regards,

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    I would first make sure your battery is in tip top shape. We always recommend a good factory sealed AGM battery for these Polaris machines. Anything short of a perfect battery will cause starting issues.

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    Buy an ODDESY or Shorai battery. Something with stable power output and charging/ cold crank amps. the CDI in the Polaris Skis need solid connectivity for optimum performance.

    Basicly, Buy a GOOD QUALITY battery and it should solve the issues.

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    Thanks guys. The first thing I will do is get the battery checked out and if needed I will buy a new quality one. I will keep you posted...

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