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    Looking for ultra 150 parts !

    Looking for ultra 150 parts !! Carbs , shred-master ride plate. Triple pipes Any mod s would have a look at buying Need a speedo to ?? Email if any one has any parts. !! [email protected]ers!

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    Welcome aboard, Nick!

    I don't have any parts for sale, but was wondering if you recently bought this 'Ski.

    Other mods you should consider would be the Triple Pisser mod for sure. You might also consider a cooling water stainer, an electric bilge pump, and modifying the trim to give more up movement.

    I would highly recommend that you inspect/replace the oil lines because they get brittle with age and crack. Do NOT mix up the oil lines because they are cylinder-specific. While you're doing that, also inspect the oil pump cable. Odds are that it's frayed if it has any hours on it.

    The jet pumps on these boats are troublesome. When it gets overhauled, make sure to get the latest seal/bearing kit.

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    I have had my ski for a few years now !! Love my ultra ! So am thinking of just spending $$ on it instead of buying some thing eles ! A lot of my friends have bort newer ski s !! Just had problems and just can't don't know how to fix them $$$$$$ !!!! I can go out to the biggest brake s sink my ski go home put it down and be back the next moring !!! True it has happend twice !!!! To friends to!! So looking for after market parts ! Yes tipple pisser is on the way I have a nozzle and aSolas Prop Impeller .. not to sure what u mean about the trim !! So just move the angle ???? Any info would be good !! And if any after market parts would be keen to have a chat !!would love to go all out but Have been tolled I am 9 years to late ha ha

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    More Up trim really makes the 'Ski a lot more fun to ride. You can adjust the cable end a little bit. Some people cut the threaded portion of the cable to shorten it, but I don't like that idea. I made a new angled bracket that attaches the cable to the nozzle. I offset the holes by 3/4", which means that the full down position on the gauge is now neutral.

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    Before you buy any aftermarket parts.. do your homework. These 1200s are most reliable when left stock. For example if you replace the spark arrestor with an aftermarket filter and do not modify the carbs you will cause a lean issue ane melt a cylinder.

    Keep an eye on ebay and here you'll finda shred master eventually, extended nozzle I found does nothing and makes the turning very wide. Beach houses are one of the best sponsons but ada has a clearance for there sponsons for cheap. R&d intake grate works the best and if you ever see a umi set up just buy it. I passed one up a few years back and had to wait two years to find another. Like steve said check your oil lines!

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    What the gain with the umi set up??? I did hold off on the filter because if that !! If I some where found some carbs would they have to be set up ( some thing like buckshot 50 s) or should that solve the problem !! If not what the go ? What rebuild kit is need ? Any info would be great need a guru cheer s boys !!

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    To run aftermarket filters you need a modification that skiworx does. Check out there website for details.

    A umi is a billet aftermarket steering set up. The benefits include ball bearing steering instead of plastic bushing and you get to run any handle bar you want.

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    Let me out of here......I need to go on Greenhulk!
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    [QUOTE=turboman412;2308652]To run aftermarket filters you need a modification that skiworx does. Check out there website for details.

    Before you spend any of your hard earned money with skiworx you should do a search and take note of all the problems people have had dealing with them.

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    Hey just was wondering if any one knows how to tell the difference between a baffled and a power spray TDR water box ?? Found one for sale but he dus not know !! Is the power spray hollow inside ?

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    Why do you want a tdr? There is no performance increase and make the ski more annoying then a civic with a fart can. We have one installed in our 1350cc ultra and its literally obnoxious....

    With that said I was unaware they made two diff models. Is this the tdr listed on ebay?

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