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    IJSBA Announces List Of Suggestions For Changes To 2014 Competition Rulebook

    December 16, 2013 in Rules and Regulations

    IJSBA has closed the period for the public to suggest changes to the 2014 Competition Rulebook. These suggestions were sent in by you, the public, and are listed here in no particular order:
    1. Create a Vintage Ski rule which limits displacement to 550cc.

    2.Create a Vintage Ski rule which prohibits the use of a sponson towards the front of the PWC.

    3.Allow aftermarket charger impellers in Runabout Stock Class for specific brands only (Sea-Doo).

    4.Restrict backdating provisions on OEM parts to distinguish between normally aspirated and forced induction parts to prevent the use of normally aspirated parts on Stock Class watercraft that are equipped with superchargers (or turbochargers).

    5.Allow some exhaust modifications in Runabout Limited

    6.Allow AFR gauges to be affixed in Runabout Limited but not connected to ECU or autotune device.

    7.Allow AFR gauges to be affixed in Runabout Limited and be hooked up to an autotune device and ECU.

    8.Allow aftermarket waterboxes in Runabout Limited.

    9.Allow an aftermarket throttle body in Runabout Limited.

    10.Allow use of E85 Fuel

    11.Allow increasing size of OEM air inlet openings so that all OEM PWC have as much of an air inlet footprint as the OEM homologated unit which has the largest air inlet footprint.

    12.Remove the provision for aftermarket hulls and top decks in Runabout Open.

    13.Require that Sport Class watercraft competing under GP Rules to be restricted to a single exhaust chamber.

    14.Increase GP Ski displacement to 1640cc for Ski PWC equipped with normally aspirated four stroke engines.

    15.Allow Trim Tabs to be cut or removed.

    16.Allow OEM fuel pump to be modified or aftermarket in Runabout Limited Class.

    17.Allow AFR gauge to be used in all classes (where not currently allowed).

    18.Allow rear through hull exhaust relocation in Runabout Stock Class.

    19.Change Veterans Ski minimum age to 35.

    20.Change Masters Ski minimum age to 45.

    21.Merge Veterans Ski and Masters Ski into a single class with a minimum participation age of 40.

    22.Require one year’s experience to compete in any Amateur class.

    23.Require one year’s experience as an Expert to compete in any Pro Am class.

    24.Prohibiting any competitor with three world titles from competing in any Amateur Class.

    25.Prohibiting any competitor with three world titles from competing in any Expert Class: such competitors would be limited to Pro/Pro-Am only.

    26.Change Veterans Runabout minimum age to 45.

    27.Require leg protection for all Ski classes.

    28.Change maximum Runabout displacement to 2000cc maximum by removing the limitation of OEM displacement plus 1mm overbore on all cylinders.

    IMPORTANT: If you made a suggestion for a rule change and do not see it in this list, please contact IJSBA immediately by emailing [email protected]. It may be that your suggestion was rolled into a similar suggestion and the differences will be discussed during voting. It could be that after reading your suggestion, it was determined that your suggestion was already covered by an existing rule. It could be we just didn’t get your email. Either way, let us know.

    The IJSBA Managing Director will release a list of recommended courses of action on, or by December 23 (original target date has been extended due to the submission deadline being extended). It is very important that you send in comments to these suggestions within the next 5 days so they can be reviewed and a response included in the Managing Director’s recommendations. Email these comments to [email protected].

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    #3- REALLY??????????
    With the changes they have listed and the ones already in place for stock and limited, Stock is no where near stock and Limited is a step away from open just with a stock hull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasportsmn View Post
    #3- REALLY??????????
    With the changes they have listed and the ones already in place for stock and limited, Stock is no where near stock and Limited is a step away from open just with a stock hull.
    Yeah... Limited would be closer to superstock now with stock compression. It will be interesting to see what passes the vote.


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    #3 is fucking stupid.... you won a world championship... are you really trying to puppy kick the entire field now? at that point you might as well remove the seadoo from stock class all together because running the impeller is going to require mods that would bump you into limited class

    #'s 5,8,18 are all lumped together..... you need to modify the exhaust in 18 so why not just allow the exhaust mods in ltd and let it fly and keep stock class what it is....

    #6 as long as the sensor is not connected to anything other than the gauge i dont see what the issue is in running it in any class. in the long run would it would increase reliability and lower costs and possibly prevent someone from blowing a motor.

    #7 i agree with.

    #10 you can buy it at a pump and its an unleaded fuel so i dont see why not. VP even sells E85 so i dont see what the issue is there

    #11 i agree with... give everyone a fighting chance

    #12. stupid... if you running at that level RWYB and hope its enough. at that point your turning open into limited. which will just open the door for cheating more than it already is

    #15 if its an OEM part why not...

    #16 all for it if its making the skis more reliable

    #17 redundant with 6&7

    #18 see above regarding 5,8,18

    #21 is good and would reduce everything by 1 class

    #22 agreed

    #23 bump it to two years unless petitioned and approved by competitiors in that class and IJSBA

    #24 agreed... get rid of the sandbaggers and give everyone else a chance

    #25 agreed if you are that level and have won that many times... move up

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