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    pump shaft won't come out! help please!

    Hi guys, new to the forum so a big hi to all.
    I currently own a fx140 and had a great first summer on jetskis this year.
    Me and the Mrs both love the ski, I have raced offshore powerboats in the UK and now feel converted to jet skis!
    I managed to get given a old yam xl1200 last week that has some body damage but a good engine that I am going to try to transplant into a spare 2002 gp1200r hull my mate had (complete minus engine)
    The gp1200r hull has been sitting for some time so I thought I'd strip the jet pump to check it all over.
    I have removed ride plate, intake grate, all the nozels all the way down to the bearing cone, removed the long 4 bolts that go thru the housings and also the 4 bolts holding the wear ring to the transom Assembly. So according to the workshop manual I should be able to use the pry points and the splined drive shaft should slide out the intermediate coupling. It won't budge!
    I removed the bearing cone and nut behind and welded up a internal thread onto my slide hammer, still no luck! I have used metal drifts between wear ring housing and transom assembly and can get it to seperate about 1inch, but looking inside the hull its not the splines moving, its the bulkhead bending!!! The shaft just isn't budging out the coupler. I have sliced the rubber hose and sprayed with wd40 but still won't budge!!
    Any more ideas before I take a grinder to the shaft!?
    Don't really wanna do this as it means new shaft and coupler.
    Unfortunately the old xl jet pump looks very different to the gp one
    Any help is much appreciated.
    Many thanks and merry Christmas to all

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    Anyone help please?!?!
    Really don't wanna cut the shaft but I'm worried if I put anymore backwards pressure on the pump it or the bulkhead will break.

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    You have done everything I would have done to get it apart. The problem is that when you are puling on the pump, the midwall and rubber center in the intermediate shaft are flexing. This is going to make it hard to remove the drive shaft from the intermediate assy. I have removed the engine before and driven the intermediate forward to get them apart, but I have also had to cut the driveshaft right inside the hull at the hose area.

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    Thanks wfo.
    I am going to try brace the bulkhead (mid wall) with some wood and a bottle type hydrolic jack to stop the bounce, if that doesn't work the grinder will be coming out and I'll cut the shaft.
    Hopefully wd40 will penetrate overnight and I'll try brute force and my homemade slide hammer again.

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    I had the same problem on a gp1200r. I used PB blaster inside the midshaft and tapped the drive shaft with a metal hammer as close as possible to the midshaft while turning. Eventually it gave and popped out.

    You could try this method while pry baring the pump off the transom and tie it to your trailer. While tapping the drive shaft and spraying it with PB blaster (after you soak it some), it should pop out with the tension it has with the pry.

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    had to cut the shaft in the end, spent half the day trying with the metal drifts and my slide hammer but just would'nt budge.

    at least is all apart now. just need to find a shaft at a breakers now.

    thanks for the input guys, merry Christmas to all.

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