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Thread: Wd-40 on engine

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    Wd-40 on engine

    I was told by the dealer that after every ride it is safe to spray wd-40 all over the engine / rubber hoses/ everywhere on the machine. Anyone have thoughts on this???

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    NO! don't do it. WD-40 is sometimes not nice to rubber.
    I use Seadoo lube, but usually only after riding in salt water.

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    Do you know if the WD-40 will harm any rubber on the newer sea doos? I have spoke to some people who have stated that they have been using wd-40 for years with no issues on their sea doos.

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    Side note, I only ride in salt water.

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    I can't believe your dealer told you that wd-40 is ok to use, it will deteriorate the rubber hoses over time, just use the seadoo lube or some marine silicone spray is ok also

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    WD-40 will also attract dirt

    Use Silicone spray

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    Yes, the mechanic's personally told me wd-40 could be sprayed over everything and that is what they have been using on all their machines after they clean them.

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    Use FLUID FILM if you ride SALTWATER and you want the BEST corrosion protection !!

    1 part of the issue with ALL petro based sprays is the water seal in the EFI plugs are not 100% tolerant, so after time you will get salt water into the connection /causing corrosion eventually , then the problems begin.....doesnt happen over night
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    Wd-40 does work very well on the metal but I wouldn't get it on the hoses.
    I know a lot of people who use it on there skis.

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    Do you know of anyone that has had a problem with the ski after using the wd-40? If so, what was the issue?

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