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    Need to order parts ASAP!

    I have a Riva performance power filter kit ,Riva intake manifold kit, R&D intercooler CFM kit, and a R&D racing billet supercharger shaft kit. I want to gain more speed but really dont understand the ECU mods. Do you need to tune the R3 reflash? I have a C3 wheel but not installed yet because of the tuning. I was thinking a 2013 riva clutch (mine went) , R&D surge protection kit and a R&D powershot. I live in Aruba where it's 85+ everyday with little humidity. The water is always rough here so an intake crate is also a must. I would like to hit 75mph suggestions would be much appreciated.

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    Most people are running the R3 program from R&D you could handle that wheel with a R2, reason why everyone goes to R3 is in case plans change in the future......for exaample I did a Vtech stage 2 program then decided on more so I had to upgrade to a Stage 3 programming that cost me a additional 200 bucks.....

    def get a intercooler
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    First, i would get the intake grate for safety.
    Then, i would go R3, Jims' modded Vx ride plate, a skat impeller... an AFR gauge (if you worry about AFR). You can get everything on the shop.

    There are cheap powershot in the classified. Just make sure they work with the R3 or you will need to send them to RD.

    And, as RickWhite said, get a very good intercooler.

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