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    XL1200 engine into GP1200r hull, will it go straight in?

    Hi all,

    Last week i was given an old XL1200 with some hull damage for free, the engine in it is fairly good so stripped that down and sent crank and block away to have some work done. i have a set of wiseco forged pistons that the block is being bored to match.

    rather than fixing the old XL hull i contacted a friend who i knew had a 2002 gp1200r hull complete minus the engine, he sold it to me for a bargain!

    so i know i will have to swap out the whole wiring loom and clocks from the XL to use in the GP hull, i have stripped the jetpump on the gp hull as it was siezed (ended up cutting the shaft as it was siezed in intermediate shaft), i will get a new wear ring as that was what was binding and new shaft, bearings, seals etc.

    The question is is will the engine coupler on the 1200 non power valve engine fit straight onto the GP1200r coupler? and will the engine mounts fit? will the fuel tank from the gp be ok on XL wiring/engine?

    just wanna make sure this will work before spending out £££'s on parts, hopefully it will be fairly straight forward and ill have a 1200 2 stroke ski for just the cost of the engine rebuild!!

    thanks in advance and hope everyone has a very merry christmas, Martyn

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    everything is the same except the rubber motor mounts and maybe the intermediate and main drive shaft. I forget the length if they are the same or not..Been a while. If someone doesnt chime in go in the oem parts finder and look up the 2 shafts to see if they are the same partt number or not. coupler itself is the same as is pump etc.....

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    The pumps are very different. The xl1200 is prob year 1998 and has the old style jet pump with the shoe on the front
    However I looked up part numbers anyway
    1998 xl1200 . drive shaft part no. 65U-45511-00-00
    2002 GP1200r . drive shaft part no. 68Y-45511-00-00
    Can anyone tell me the difference between these parts as I may be able to cut and re-spline the XL shaft if it longer than the gpr one and identical otherwise. Just trying to save cash on getting a new shaft for the build as original had to be sacrificed.

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    if u need anything i have a GP1200R im parting out .

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    Thanks bystrov but I'm in the UK so postage would be more than most of the second hand parts I need.
    Have a great new year

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