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    Jettribe's Team Rider - Aero Aswar "Press Released King's Cup 2013"

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    The King
    s Cup event started around fourteen years ago and has been growing ever since. I arrive in Pattaya 5 days before and like always checking everything is a must in racing. I started up every morning with a little jog of 2k just to warm my body for the day and getting used to the weather in Pattaya. Cold wind blowing every morning but it gets real hot during the day time.

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    My ski needed to change some parts just to make the engine fresh for the race but guess what
    . sometimes shit happens. All day of training and practicing around Pattaya Laguna (Flamingo Teams private training area) and things went well, the ski sounded perfect just like I had it at the World Finals of getting two holeshots. Well, not every race is my 1, I had a so so start but manage to get it up to third until my throttle body had problem with it. The same day, moto 2, again my start wasnt as plan and I actually came out second from the outside split section and againsomething went off from the way it needed to be. That Saturday we kept looking for something and finally figured out what went wrong thanks to James Bushell.

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    Sunday morning and 2 motos ahead of us, as moto 3 starts I actually got a very good jump off the line made it out to the first place until they red flagged the start because there was an accident. Another start was about to happened but suddenly my ski didn't run good so I told my dad and decided not race the moto. The ski was brought back to the pit and was checked of what went wrong. After about an hour of checking and re-checking everything, we changed some parts with the new ones and it ran awesome. Moto 4, was the only race left for the event after many things went wrong finally I got the last moto to the finish line. I got second in the moto and I think got tenth overall.

    To wrap it upI had bad luck for the Kings Cup but had so much fun! It has been a great year with the Jettribe family and I hope to continue to work with the Jettribe family for the years to come!

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    Getting to spend all the time I did with Aero this year I can say this. No matter what position he finishes, he is a champion. Such a great person off the water that all you have to do if you are having a bad day is go talk to him and you will walk away smiling. Watching him progrees with every race all I can say is watching him race we are looking at a force that will be the big name of the future.
    Great job all year Aero.

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