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    real quick tripple pisser question..

    I understand the need for the mod but my question is couldn't you just look to make sure all three factory holes are pissing when you hook up the hose to wash it out after a day of use. I understand the problem is while riding you cannot be sure all 3 are pissing but if you have it out of the water and run it while on the hose couldn't you just look to see then if there is any issues? or does it not work that way? sorry for a dumb question..

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    You answered your own question in your question. The not knowing if working is the issue. The point of the tripple pisser kit is to remove the 90 degree fittings on the head to straight fittings and bring them to the front to where you can monitor them. The 90s are known for clogging and if your looking to see if they are clogged after a run it would be impossible unless you remove the hose on the head. Being able to monitor the cooling is beneficial, it has saved me a few times from melting a cylinder on both my ultra and stxr. If you see a decreased water flow or no flow at all shut it off!!

    Now instead of purchasing a ski works kit you could route 3 water hoses to thev front and put 3 fittings. But be aware that the most forward cylinders 90 fitting is smaller then the normal 3/8 size which no aftermarket company produces. You could pick up a fitting from cylinder 2 or 3 and replace that front fitting to make it 3/8. If you choose to go this way pm me I have a few extra.

    Said and done buy the tripple pisser kit from ski worx and be done with it. All of our 6 ultras/stxr are fitted with the kits and are well worth it.

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    thankyou for the very informative response but I am just trying to figure out on whether or not I can see all 3 working properly in stock form when hooked up to the hose running on the trailer after a day riding? can you see the 3 pissers working when hooked up to a hose in factory settings before the mod when out of the water on a trailer??? thankyou

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    I guess you could since they exit the pump. You would juat have to look into the pump. But that's a pita sincr thr exhaust dumps its water in there too. Like I said above you can pull the hoses of the fittings on eaxh cylinder.

    Keep in mind if one of those pisser clog while running you will slow the cooling down in that cylinder and melt a piston. So there really is no benefit of checking the operation after a run since it will be to late!

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    The ports are above the pump. You might be able to see it, but as mentioned, once you have it on the trailer it's too late.

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