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    IS there anyway to tell if a Power Valve is on its way out when buying ski?

    looking to buy a gp800, stupid question so don't get mad but is there anyway to tell if the motor currently has a PV issue? when I buy one I am going to install clips but would a compression test reveal if there is a pin slipped into the cylinder? is there anyway to tell BEFORE buying on whether or not the motor currently has any power valve issues? thanks

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    Yes. In a nut shell lol. If you have a bore a scope you can remove the spark plugs and inspect the pistons and cylinders. You can also inspect the powervalves with the bore a scope by looking at them wile turning the PV wheel by hand to see if they move up and down. Also look for Knicks in the PV itself. If you do buy the ski you should remove the PV for cleaning and inspecting for wear and cracks.
    Hope this helps

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    thankyou for the informative response, I slipped PV would show up in a compression test as well correct?

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    i had a gas powervalve wearing on a piston and it showed perfect compression. depends on how bad the damage is.

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