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    Everything You Need to Know About Cavitation

    You’ve heard the term used over and over again, but what exactly is “cavitation” and why does it sap power from your supercharged runabout? In an excellent essay, the eggheads at Hydronautics Incorporated properly explain the phenomenon that causes these gorgeous helices.

    While the image above might look like poetry in motion, it’s actually exactly the moment when your prop looses pressure. Briefly explained by io9, “As water slips around the propellers of a boat, there are places where it experiences sudden, extreme loss of pressure. The propeller is making a ‘hole’” in the water, and the more powerful that propeller is the more water it clears away.

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    Wicked cool picture and where the bubble stream on the prop is = that is exactly where all the little pin holes (cavitation burn) start to show up.

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