On a ride a couple months ago my wife hit a obstruction sticking out of the water at the right front rub rail on her RXP-X. The result was that it spider cracked both above and below the rub rail 6-8" in either direction.

Found basically the only place that only fixes fiberglass. Most on the West Coast of Florida that do fiberglass at all also do engine repair or are marinas. Captain Levis only does fiberglass and he is where most of the insurance companies send customers that don't know where to go.

The guy in these pictures is the owner. The ski is my wife's. When he was done with the repair it is undetectable. Absolutely perfect. He handled the insurance claim soup to nuts and completed the job on time.


You can take pictures and send them to him for rough estimates but it is only a broad estimate because you don't know how deep a crack or repair will run which effects the amount of time to do the repair. This repair cost about $2K (insurance company paid no problem). Just wanted to pass along a good contact if you have any issues.