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    2007 12f to 2014 15f

    Hi all - was wondering if anyone out in the forum could help me. I am thinking of selling my 2007 12f as it has completed 100 hours and before I need to service the motor - thought it be better to save the reconditioning and put $ into a new/ newer machine. I have never ridden any of the other Kawi's but have absolutely loved the 12f - but want something with more power out of the hole (17 year old loves doing spins/ turns +). Is there much difference between the 2007 12f and 2010 15f - or is it worth to pay the extra to by a 2014 15f model (is there much difference in performance between the 2?)
    Know I should try other ski's but loved the 12!!
    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the Forum.....

    The 15f compared to a 12f is like a GT Mustang vs an Escort......

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    15F is a great ski. The 2014 model is the best looking ever IMO. So it is just a matter of if you want to spend $ or not.
    What is this major overhaul 100hr. on the 12F your talking about?
    I have a 2007 also. I check the pump bearings every 50 hours. Change the oil every 50 hours. Lube cables and stuff regular. Changed the plugs @ 100 hours. (When you change plugs use anti-sieze and torque to spec.) Few other things. Still runs like new and has 190 hours. About 150 of that has been ocean riding/pounding the crap out of it too.
    I ask this because unless you just want more oomph there is no reason to get rid of your 12F just because it has 100 hours.
    The 15 gets about the same fuel economy and goes about 61 mph. Same service intervals, etc.
    Good luck and have fun!

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    I have 250hrs on my 2004 12f and its still bulletproof. Like everyone else says, they are almost identical but the 15f is faster.


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